Essay on The On Small Government Disability Benefits

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On small government disability benefits, his ability to travel anywhere remained greatly reduced. When he paid for his rent, hydro, phone, the internet and bought his food, he was left with nothing. For his clothes, he went to the Salvation Army or a thrift store. If he scrimped and saved for a month he could afford a five dollar pair of used jeans. In everything, he sensed being trapped. Still, he felt determined to fight back. To walk again was his dream.
Tank was faithful in attending the local Veterans P.T.S.D. Group. In the past, he had dealt with his memories through, substance abuse, avoiding others, anger, and violent behavior. None of it worked. It only served to destroy his life and everyone he loved.
Now, he was learning a new and better way. When he recognized that the sweats and racing heart, were the beginning of a flashback, he put his new coping mechanisms to work.
Sitting quietly, he would slow his breathing. In his mind, he carried himself away to a peaceful place.
Tank’s was in the granite, Mountains of Mourne. There he sat, on the top of the saddle of Slieve Donard, the highest peak in Northern Ireland. Gazing at the Glen River, flowing way down below him, was soothing. Occasionally a Sea Gull would join him, to take in the beauty.
In his secret place, his fears, melted away, like a mist lifting off the mountain top. There he gathered strength. Over every mountain, he had ever known, there was a path. Somewhere, he hoped there would be a path over the…

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