The On One Dark Night Essay

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On one dark night, this little girl named Twimkle was constantly running and playing through the house and it getting really annoying to everyone else. Her parents did everything they could to make her sit down but nothing did not seem to work. They also tried bribing her with her favorite snack, but that didn 't work either. She was the loudest and most obnoxious thing in the house, because she was screaming very loud and she was knocking her parent 's things to the floor. Later on that night around 7:30 p.m., They 've decided to take her to the doctor to get a check up on her and the doctor shockingly said, " You two have a lot of trouble on your hands." Her dad asked in a trembling voice, " What do you mean by that doctor and the doctor said, " Your daughter has this mental illness certain young ones catch and that 's called "ADHD". Her parents looked at each other and looked back at the doctor and asked him was there anything they could do to take care of the problem The doctor replied ferociously at the parents, " NO JUST PRAY!!!!" Right after he made that remark to the parents, you heard some hit floor with a loud BOOM and everybody started running to where they heard the nose at, then they looked around the corner and seen Twinkle was happily playing with the doctor 's utensils very calmly to herself. After they left the doctor 's office, Twinkle was blurting out very loud ate her parents telling them she was hungry, she wanted to play, she wanted to sing, she wanted…

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