The On Mixed Media Art Essay

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I roll my neck and try to relax. I’ve got three classes today, including one on mixed media art, which has always been one of my weaker spots. The hot shower feels great on my skin, and the scent of my body wash fills the room. I try to think about what happened Saturday night, most of which I can’t remember. There’s a thought at the back of my head that something important happened but no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember a damn thing. I must have been really drunk. I recall a small party with a few friends, some vodka and beer, and a drinking game where I ended up having to take a drink on almost every sexual category. That’s probably how I ended up so messed up that I can’t remember anything past what happened when my friends went home.
I sigh. Whatever it was couldn’t have been too bad. I had woken up with a killer hangover but Sofia hasn’t said anything about a warrant being out for my arrest or me trying to jump off a roof, so I guess I’m in the clear. Still, drinking so much was not a good idea and I probably shouldn’t make a habit of it.
There’s a knock at my bathroom door. Sof and I each have our own bathroom because she refuses to share a bathroom with a man, and I didn’t want to shower in a room that smells like her strong strawberry scented shampoo.
“Yeah?” I call out, hopefully loud enough.
I hear her open the door, I assume so we can hear each other better. “Dude, how come you didn’t tell me you were on Blinder?”
My fingers pause in my hair. “What the…

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