The On Mars Mission : An Interesting Development Essay

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“This is an interesting development.” Zavala remarked after hearing Noske’ report on the Mars mission.
“What’s the plan from here?” Noske asked.
“We help them.” Cayde-6 called out, while looking down at an assortment of papers.
“We do what?” Zavala asked angrily, Cayde left his section of the table that dominated the Hall and walked over.
“I’ve been listening and Ancient Effort sounds like our big break in defeating the Cabal on Mars.”
“Helping the Cabal is insanity, Cayde, there are currently no reports of the Cabal having a religion, if something is powerful enough to rip them from their duty that is something that needs to be destroyed, not aided, especially not by us.” Zavala’s attention was now fully focused on Cayde.
“They mentioned Valus Ta’aurc, they are keeping track off their leaders, if we take out key members of the leadership we can force a civil war, then we take out both sides clearing up Mars.” Cayde said proudly.
“Or we turn them over completely to who or whatever Xenocrates is.” Zavala replied quickly.
“What we need to do is determine who or what Xenocrates is.” Ikora Rey said, she entered the conversation unbeknownst to Noske, “As you said Zavala, if something can change a Cabal’s mind about serving their race that is something we need to research, eliminating Ancient Effort could force Xenocrates underground and we will lose our only chance to learn about it, I suggest we do nothing but observe them, find out what exactly Xenocrates is.”
“I Disagree.”…

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