Essay on The On Life 's Not Fair

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The saying that “life’s not fair” has been used both as a phrase to explain how someone has been treated, and as a wise word to a person thinking that everything in life is going to go their way. There are many ways of thinking about the topic of fairness but when determining what is considered to be fair and what is not, the belief that working for what you earn is the most ethical way of thinking and deciding why that is arises a controversial topic. See, individuals thinks that the way they wish to be treated is being fair, wanting to be pampered and babied along not making the journey even ever so slightly hard. This thought is most definitely in opposition of our current society and its competitive job market. Life is a competition full of struggles and hardships but this is what make the spoils of a job well done just that much sweeter and working to achieve your goals that are not spoon-fed to you is really what fair means. When working towards a goal the ride is not always going to be so smooth and according to Should Everyone Get Trophies “The ‘trophies for all’ policy is part of a bigger change that has swept youth sports over the past two decades” meaning the you will not always achieve that goal but the effort put into the activity is to be celebrated with a trophy. This policy seems to have some redeeming qualities that both give praise the person who tries to do his or hers best and makes sure that the individual has worked towards that goal and was not…

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