The On Fast Food Industry Essay

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Schlosser defines the same criticisms that many Americans share about the fast food industry, while also agreeing that the food tastes good. He sympathizes with consumers, which places him as a member of the audience himself, then succumbs to the expectations and belief of his readers in order to establish his decorum. He begins the chapter by describing in vivid detail the act of actually purchasing fast food, which nearly every reader can relate to. Establishing that commonplace is the starting point for instituting Schlosser’s ethos, and encourages the audience to read on and absorb his other ideals. Once he finds the commonplace, he progresses to his key points in the story, like the influential power of major corporations such as McDonald 's. The flaws of one of the largest companies in America are zeroed in on and brought to attention, since it is many people’s first thought when it comes to fast food. This is why the audience expects and identifies with, which only strengthens Schlosser’s decorum even more. When the chapter comes to a conclusion, he states that the faults are not with consumers exactly, but the rising economic and political processes that are harmful in America. Readers do not feel at fault, and have to agree with the author on his obvious ideals.

Chapter 5:
A “typical artificial strawberry flavor” is an ironic term because the “typical” attribute describing the flavor of strawberry contains 50 unpronounceable ingredients.…

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