The Ominous Advertisement Analysis

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The Ominous Advertisement

The earth is a place where all living things are living, or we can also call the earth our home. The earth gives good things to humans such as water, food, oxygen, beautiful landscape and the ocean; therefore, our lives depend on the earth. However, humans are so selfish and greedy because we take more than what we need, and we give back bad things to the earth. We destroy the earth in order to satisfy our desire. Humans release the toxic chemicals and garbage into the environment to kill our earth. Additionally, humans also devastate the forests and kill animals. The earth pollution affects the human’s health, causes many strange diseases and kills many living things. The earth has been destroyed by human day
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This picture makes up of nine different pictures, and the text connects these small pictures all together. Every small image represents the consequences of destroying the environment and some environmental pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution that we have to face with. The pollution is caused by humans, and the picture helps us clearly see how humans make the environment become polluted. If humans continue to destroy the earth, sooner or later, we have to pay back for what we have done. That is why the text of the ad is exactly right. It says, let the pictures do the talking. This logo is appealable. One picture can say a thousand words. Most people don’t like to read, so pictures are a good way to catch people’s attention because without reading they still get the meaning of the ad. This conveys the ethos appeal. The image conveys a message to humans that we must protect the earth before it is too late. We save the earth, meaning we are saving our lives. It is not too late to save our planet, so everyone can make a small action to stop pollution. The small action can make the huge difference. Human behavior is influenced by other people. When we see someone try to protect the earth, we influence from them, so we want to save the earth. The images are easy to understand, and it gets into our brain, so we will remember it longer than reading. The text in the image is telling the truth that humans destroy the

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