Essay on The Olympics Have Influenced American Athletics And Culture

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Every four years, thousands of athletes gather in a distinguished city for the opportunity of a lifetime to show off their talent, dedication, and passion for their sport. It is a significant event across the globe and gains millions of viewers worldwide. Athletes from every nation compete against each other with a sense of unity and pride to reach new possibilities and achievements. Each athlete pushes themselves to the next level for a chance to gain the gold. The history of the Olympics have influenced American athletics and culture and has had a significant impact on society today.
Initially, the Olympics have been around for thousands of years. The games first began between 704 B.C. and 884 B.C. and took place in Ancient Greece (Toropov 6). According to existing myths, the God Hercules created the Olympic games to honor his father Zeus. The games were organized to take place every fourth summer. However, since the ancient times the Olympics have developed more traditions and become much more complex. The games were officially revived and modernized in 1896 and introduced 43 events, most not existing in the ancient games (History). Typically in the ancient games, the athletes competed naked and were crowned with olive leaves. The ancient games were much more violent and brutal. Because of the traditional Pagan ritual, bloody sacrifices were made to the gods. In our modern society, the games symbolize global togetherness and hold high political, social and economic…

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