The Olympic Games : The World 's Most Ancient Surviving Traditions

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The Olympic Games are one of the world’s most ancient surviving traditions. Since before Christ, the Olympics have been celebrated as a culmination of athleticism, skill, and devotion to the Greek gods. In my opinion the ancient Olympics are significant, but others like Bulliet, a history professor at Columbia University and author of The Earth and Its People think otherwise. The Olympic Games have been around since 700 B.C, but the revival started in 1896 from Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The ancient Olympics initially was held as a religious event but when Baron took over he believed in widespread acceptance and insisted on featuring the international competition of athletes. The first games were held in Athens, Greece in honor of the greek god, Zeus. There are many reasons Bulliet can argue that the Ancient Olympic weren’t very important but the outcome of Modern Day olympics proves his theory wrong. Bulliet focuses more on philosophy, culture and war of the Greeks, rather than adding the ancient olympics into his reading. We don’t know exactly why he does this but we are able to see what he does focus on that leads him away from the topic of the Olympics. As centuries have passed the Olympics have grown but we can’t forget where it started from. The Ancient Olympics were the start of something we see today as being the biggest sporting event in world history. Without the Greeks starting these games, different countries wouldn’t have the chance to come together and form…

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