The Old Testament Of The Holy Bible Essay

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As young children we first become aware of our religious beliefs from our family members and as we mature our religious education continues in our church or possibly school. These religious leaders pass onto us those beliefs, morals and values from what they learned as children, young adults or seminary school while they were becoming ordained to become ministers, priest or rabbis.

All of what they know of their specific religion is what has been passed on by verbal history, ancient clay tablets, papyrus scrolls and the translations or interpretations of what became the many books of the Holy Bible. The oldest part of the Holy Bible is the Old Testament which is based on the interpretations and comparisons of biblical manuscripts and citations by the different Judaic and Christian religious sects. What has became apparent is how little most of us really know about the history that was written in the Old Testament because as children, teenagers and young adults we were not to question what is written in the Holy Bible.

Those who are believers of Judaism and Christianity believe that the Old Testament is the literal and infallible word of God. What would a person expect of the Old Testament if it were the word of God? A person would expect that the books within the Old Testament would be original, clearly defined and be unchanged from when it was originally written. We would not expect to find stories in the Old Testament that possibly could have been plagiarized from…

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