The Old Testament Of The Bible Essay

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The old testament of the bible is notoriously marked by the number of deaths it contains. Outside of those who are struck down by God, or who die as a result of various conflicts, there’s a unique description of life and death in Genesis. The long, and rather dry, lineages that are present in Genesis are put in between longer biblical stories and serve as a tool for relating stories together, as well as providing a timeline for the events in Genesis. These lineages are rarely addressed in illuminated manuscripts of the old testament, except in the Old English Hexateuch, also known as Claudius B.iv. While this text is mostly famous for its unfinished miniatures in both the Winchester School style and the Rheims style, Claudius B.iv is also notable for its bold addition of the Genesis lineages of the patriarchs. Claudius B.iv was originally composed in the later half of the 11th century C.E. There are a few images that were tipped in in the 12th century, as well as a slew of other notes and random doodles, whose addition dates are unknown. The manuscript was originally created to be a part of the library at the Benedictine abbey of St. Augustine in the Canterbury Provenance of Southern England. The manuscript devotes 28 miniatures to the lineages of the patriarchs in Genesis, showing life, death, and other important details about their descendants. The authors of the Old English Hexateuch chose to include the imagery of the lineages of the old testament patriarchs because it…

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