Essay on The Old Testament Laid The Platform For The New Testament

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The Old Testament laid the platform for the New Testament. Prophecies are announced in the OT. Those prophecies meet their realization in the NT. I am saying this with specific references to Christ’s coming as well as events of the Second Advent. “The NT is in the OT concealed and the OT is in the NT revealed.” There is a greater appreciation of God’s plan for salvation when we understand that the Gospel was announced in Genesis 3:15 long before the coming of Christ. Typology is also a valuable part the relationship between the OT and the NT. We also see that the principles of the Ten Commandments are still applicable and they remain a guide for moral living.

c. Explain if OT believers could be saved and, if so, how.
Old Testament believers could be saved because all through Scriptures God’s standard for salvation has been justification by faith. As it is in the NT when salvation comes by believing in Jesus’ death, so in the OT salvation had to do with believing in God. Abraham was a friend of God. He was declared righteous not because of good works, but because he believed in God. His faith in God made all the difference. As the Scripture says, righteousness was credited to Abraham as a result of placing his faith in God. Anyone who, like Abraham, professed faith in God in the OT is saved. (Romans 4:1ff).
d. Explain the value of Ancient Near Eastern studies for Bible study.
Understanding ancient Near Eastern explains much about the Hebrew Bible as well as the Hebrew…

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