The Old Testament : Creation And Earthly Kingdom Essay

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“A kingdom is a realm in which a king exerts control and authority” (,378). The Old Testament describes “kingdom” in two ways: creation and earthly kingdom. It is considered that everything He created and under controlled is His Kingdom. Basically, the Old Testament is saying that the entire universe, from the littlest to largest things, are His because God has dominion over them. His authority and rule are present among all things. Meanwhile, the Old Testament prepares the believers for the “visible kingdom on earth” where God’s power will be shown and acknowledged by the people. This kingdom on earth will “never be destroyed, nor … be left to another, … and [will] stand forever” (Dan 2:44). Therefore, God’s creation including the earth, is His kingdom.
God fulfills His promise in creating a visible kingdom in the New Testament. Not only that, He also sends a Messiah through Jesus to enact His plans for the earth and its people. For , Jesus’ early teachings mean that the announcement of “the gospel of the kingdom” has begun (379). It is first mention by John the Baptist as he proclaims that the “kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt 3:2). This has become the theme of Jesus’s early ministry throughout Matthew and Mark. Jesus’ miracles i.e. driving out the demons, becomes His evidence to show nonbelievers that the kingdom has come. - agrees that the kingdom of God/heaven is the component of Jesus’ teaching style and the focus of his missions and discipleship (420). The first…

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