The Old Testament And The New Testament Essay examples

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The Christian Bible was encompassed from an Old and a New Testament. It is believed that followers of the Christian religion wrote the New Testament while the ancient Israelites wrote the Old Testament, which in turn is what they named the Hebrew Bible. Although Christians did not always see eye to eye with the view of the Jews and thus, chose to not conform to all their beliefs, Christians did in fact incorporate the Hebrew bible into the Christian Bible as what is now called the Old Testament. As a result of this, there are some notable differences in the interpretation of biblical themes between the two testaments. The following essay will notate the developments of Death in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.
To begin with, when the Old Testament discusses life after death the main focus is in regards to a place called Sheol in Hebrew, which is often interpreted to mean the “grave” or the “pit.” After an analysis of the Old Testament, one can come to the conclusion that for the Israelites view of death often meant it was the final stepping stone in everything that was good. Individuals did not dream of going to their final resting place and being freed from their bodies but, instead viewed it as a dark place where one went and did not return. Kent H. Richard states that “One of the major differences of opinion about the OT understandings center around whether death is viewed predominantly with fear.” (109) The Old Testament emphasizes that the stance of the so…

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