The Old Testament And New Testament Essay

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Many Christians focus majority of studies into the New Testament. New Testament catches many attentions because it describes the birth of the church. As people focus more on the New Testament, Old Testament is shunned away to the degree where most think Old Testament is not important to read. Christians have debated whether Old Testament is needed to be read. Many sound arguments from both sides have been posed over these years. Even so, Old Testament is vital literature needed for Christians. The Old Testament’s importance comes from its prophecies, stories, and ideas.
The Old Testament is one of the important literature for the Christians due to the fact it containing many prophecies which was fulfilled in Old Testament and New Testament. The prophets of the Old Testament such as Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, and Jeremiah prophesied that the Judah and Israel will fall if they disobey God further (NIV Amos 7:17, NIV Hosea 13:9-16, NIV Isaiah 8:14, NIV Jeremiah 6:1-15). These prophesies came true in the Old Testament as both Israel and Judah were destroyed with many people exiled into foreign empires for about 80 years. The prophets’ prophesies did come true without any flaws as mouthpiece of the God.
The prophets of the Old Testament not only prophesied the fall of Judah and Israel, but also about the Messiah, as well. The Bible mentions the coming of the Messiah who would bring liberation. Amazingly enough, all the actions of the Messiah match the Jesus’ life in the New…

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