The Old Man And The Sea Essay

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“Fears cut deeper than words” (George R.R Martin).Santiago is well rounded character in the novella that shows courage, braveness and friendly. In the novella, “The Old Man And The Sea,” written by Ernest Hemingway, Santiago explains to the readers, the struggles he went through while being on land and out on sea. Santiago was mocked by people on land. People were saying he used to be good at fishing and now he is nothing. Santiago was determined to redeem himself. Santiago went out at sea to get this big catch that was so big, to redeem himself for life and become a legend for what he did. He was determined and never gave up. He fought for what he wanted. Even through the roughest times, when he was all the way down, he brought himself back up and kept fighting.The little boy was very close to Santiago. Manolin gave the confidence Santiago needed to go out on sea and redeem himself, the relationship between them too is very strong. In Santiago, the central character of “The Old Man And The Sea”, Ernest Hemingway has created a “Code Hero” who personified courage, friendship and endurance.
In Santiago, the central character of The Old Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway created a “Code Hero” who personified courage. Hemingway demonstrated courage in his main character Santiago by what he said, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”(103). He was physically destroyed but did not loose. When Santiago said this he knew he was completely out of energy. Santiago is fighting this…

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