The Old Man And The Sea Essay

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In The Old Man and the Sea, we meet a very persistent, spirited and old man by the name of Santiago. Poor and proud, Santiago strives daily to live his life of a fisherman to set examples of notable morals and values. After eighty-four days of unsuccessful fishing, the weak man embarks on a five-day journey by sea after hooking an immense marlin. He never gives in to adversity or refuses a good opponent. The old man’s entire existence has been writhe with struggle. In Santiago, the central character of The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway has created a hero who personifies honor, courage, endurance and faith.
Throughout this novella there are incidents in which Santiago reveals his sense of Honor. Since the old man is a real man, or at least tries to his best ability to be, he knows who deserves to have honor and who does not. Two people he honors are himself and Joe DiMaggio, and although the great marlin is not a human being, he demonstrates plenty of honors for it as well. One way in which he shows honor himself includes how he strives to be the best man he can be. He also wants the fish to see him as a worthy opponent, not as just another fisherman trying to make a good catch. As for the fish, Santiago respects it and even has one-way conversations with it, saying things like, "Fish, I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends" (54). He wants the great fish to understand his feelings for him, although he is going to kill him…

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