Literary Analysis: The Old Man And The Sea

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Audrie Chan
Santa Iglesia
Advanced English 1 Per. 7
21 October 2014
The Old Man and the Sea Research Paper
An “old man” can be used to refer to multiple ideas. Some may hear teenagers refer to their father as “old man”. According to Cirlot, old man is a “symbol of the occult principle” (243). The occult principle refers to morals of religion. Cirlot also said that an old man “is regarded as the personification of the age-old wisdom of humanity, or of the collective unconscious” (243). He said that the old man may be referred as the wise old man, as many fairy tales describe. By being “old,” one has seen more of the world and therefore knows the ways of it.
Joe Dimaggio was a famous baseball player from for the New York Yankees. Dimaggio was
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It was first established in 1917,which is also when the first award was given. It began when “Joseph Pulitzer, known as one of the greatest newspaper publishers in U.S. history, established the award as part of his will” ("Pulitzer Prizes Fast Facts.").
There are currently twenty-one categories. Authors from online newspapers are not allowed to enter. However, online presentations are allowed. To win the Pulitzer Prize, one’s paper is preferably about American life, published the previous year of the competition, and must be electronically submitted. It is also required to submit an entry fee of 50 dollars, paid by credit card only. ("Pulitzer Prizes Fast Facts.").
The Cold War was a non-violent war that marked the end of the Soviet Union, or the U.S.S.R. It lasted a total of 45 years, beginning from 1945-1963 (Sewell). The main opponents of the Cold War were the United States of America and the Soviet Union. While there was no actual declaration of war, there were smaller skirmishes (Martin) One example was the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union tried to send missiles to Cuba. No missiles were sent,
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He was also a supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt 's New Deal plan. He died on July 2, 1961. The cause of death was suicide when Hemingway shot himself with a shotgun. Today, he is considered a leftist radical or a liberal Democrat. (“Ernest Miller Hemingway”)

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