The Old Guitarist And Madame X Essay

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What is art? Over the course of this class, the conclusion I have come to is that anything can be art if someone believes it to be so. Art can be man-made, created from nature, or even something imagined or felt through the senses, yet it is completely subjective to the viewer to decide if what they see is classified as art. I often think of the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” during class because art is not always beautiful, or even pleasant, but it is a personal perspective. The Old Guitarist and Madame X are two creations that I believe are art, an opinion most people would agree with solely based off the success and fame of the creators, Pablo Picasso and John Singer Sargent, respectively. Being an artist is not always the glamorous occupation most believe it to be. Sargent and Picasso know the struggles that come with the title “artist”. If an artist has fallen out of favor with society, has incredible self-doubt or criticism, or is lacking commissions, it is safe to say that being poor or cast out was a common occurrence. The pieces selected for this paper were subjected to said possibilities by their creators. The Old Guitarist was created during Picasso’s Blue Period, a time of grieving and hardship, and a time when Picasso often used cardboard or repurposed canvas if he was unhappy with what was previously conceived. Underneath Guitarist is the image of a woman nursing a small child in a pastoral setting, discovered by x-ray imaging. Sargent’s…

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