The Odyssey: The Role Of Women In The Odyssey

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Women in the Odyssey was a huge component to Odysseus’s journey home. Without these women, Odysseus’s home would of broken down, and he would have never gotten home. His wife, Penelope, is one of these women. She is mindful that if Ithaca doesn’t have a ruler, then it would fall. She stays loyal to her husband and never give up hope on his return. She is curious about people and tests them to be able to trust them, just like her husband. Another women is Odysseus’s old nurse, Eurykleia. She is maybe old, yet she puts forth the efforts and power to assist Penelope with the control over the household. She never lies about anything to Penelope and especially, Odysseus. She also is kind of like a spy for Odysseus when he returns as himself. One more woman is Athena. She has the true super powers to help Odysseus physically and person to person. She helps a lot throughout the book which made some parts of Odysseus’s journey a bit more bearable. Penelope is just as strong as her …show more content…
As the goddess of war, she has helped him throughout the Odyssey. Especially during the times where he wasn’t sure of what to do. A time when Odysseus got help from Athena was when he finally got home. She warns him about the suitors and how they have taken over his home, eaten all his food, killed all his animals and get Penelope to marry them. As described in the text, “She disguises Odysseus as an old beggar so that he can assess the situation at home” (16. text from first paragraph). She does this because it is the total opposite of the real Odysseus. If he just barged into his home without a plan, of course there will be lots of fighting and anger from the suitors. She not just helps him physically, but this helps him to come up with a plan to get everything that belongs to him back. This proves that Athena is a great women throughout the book, and used her goddess powers to help Odysseus to return home

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