The Odyssey, Dante 's Inferno, Eyes Wide Shut, And The Encomium Of Helen

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The Odyssey, Dante 's Inferno, Eyes Wide Shut, and The Encomium of Helen all have one major factor in common—the exploration of Helen. As we read and watch different descriptions of Helen through three different epochs we explore the different, yet the same ideas in which Helen is depicted. We read as she is described by the Homeric Greeks, the Medieval Christians, and our contemporary age. It is asked that it is described how the different moods in each epoch result in three different readings of Helen, which in some perspectives are incompatible, yet can be argued otherwise as with time each description can be argued that they’ve just evolved throughout the epochs. Homer wanted to be in-sync with, and respected by the gods. Yet, when it comes to Helen Homer’s depiction of her was reserved. Helen was portrayed as a perfect hostess and wife. “I too give you this gift, dear child: something to remember from Helen’s hands, for your wife to wear at the lovely occasion of your marriage. Until that time let it lie away in your palace, in your dear mother’s keeping”(Homer 15.125-128). But in the same instance Helen puts drugs into her guests drinks. The Trojan War is where Helen is judged the most. Some say that the greeks believed she was wronged, and had come back to punish the Trojans. To the greeks all moods were public and shareable, but the homeric greeks had a poor understanding of private, inferior, and personal moods. Then the Trojans seemed to have spoken harshly about…

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