Essay about The Odyssey By William Shakespeare

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What does a book written more than two thousand years ago have in common with modern day civilization? Quite a bit if you think about it. The book in question, The Odyssey is an epic story with a vast and diverse group of characters that today’s society can draw a parallel to. There are many themes in the book ranging from infidelity to hubris. Our hero Odysseus is our lens into his world and through him we can examine ourselves and our society. In the odyssey infidelity is like a plague running rampant in the world, no stone unturned no quarter given. The same can be said about our society as well with he most unlikely people always getting caught. These people can go on to include some of the most powerful and respected people in the world. But even they with all their wealth and power fall to their own devices of greed and self indulgence. The odyssey is eerily similar in that regard when you have so many characters being reckless with no regards to anyone but themselves, even then they tend to ignore themselves. In real life you have so many politicians that can 't keep it in their pants that by this point its expected of them to have an affair of some kind. The infidelity of today’s society doesn 't stop at politics, the wealthy are even worse when it comes to that with the ridiculous amounts of money they spend on vanity and prostitutes. This year alone there quite a few scandals that at this point no one would be surprised if a politician happened to have actual…

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