The Odyssey By Homer Is A Classic Known By Many Worldwide Essay

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The story of Odysseus, from “The Odyssey” by Homer, is a classic known by many worldwide. In this book we find Odysseus going through many hardships before finally getting back to his hometown in Ithaca. What helped him go through these hardships is the though of getting back to his family, his son Telemachus and his wife Penelope. “Agamemnon” written by Aeschylus, is a tragic story whose main character, Agamemnon, undergoes a chain of events that are both similar and different from each other. One of the similarities between these two characters is that both Agamemnon and Odysseus fought at the Trojan War. They left to fight for their countries, but upon return to their hometowns each was met by different fates. Both Agamemnon and Odysseus were married and had families, which they were eager to get back to. Agamemnon had a wife, Clytemnestra and four children: a son, Orestes and three daughters. Unfortunately on the way to Troy Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice one of his daughters, Iphigenia, in order to appease the god of winds, Artemis, and get to Troy. Clytemnestra was not a faithful wife and instead of waiting for her husband loyally, as she should have done, she had gotten herself a lover, Aegisthus. On the other hand Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, has waited for his return faithfully for twenty years. Even though Penelope had a heard of suitors, which were of no interest to her, it did not faze her and she kept waiting for her husband’s safe return. Odysseus also…

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