The Odyssey By Homer And Book Essay

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The Odyssey was originally written by Homer and published into paper form circa 700 b.c.e. Robert Fagles adopted and translated the story. Fagles’ version was published in 1908 by the Oxford University Press. The story follows the grand adventures of the great King Odysseus and his quest to return to his kingdom from foreign lands. Along the way, Odysseus meets with great trials and tribulations. Not only is Odysseus a great and loyal king, he is also a courageous and strong soldier. Due to the qualities that Odysseus possesses, he can be categorized as a true Greek hero. Odysseus is favored by the goddess Athena during his journeys away from home and returning home. Athena stays with Odysseus, aids him in his times of need, and ensures that he makes it home safely. Athena even goes as far as to urge Odysseus’s son to search for him, and she encouraged him to begin putting his father’s kingdom back in order. Once Odysseus arrives home, Athena helps to reunite him with his son so that they can begin to plot on how to win back their kingdom. There is no doubt that Athena favored Odysseus. King Odysseus shows loyalty to all Greeks from the very beginning of his journey. The reason that Odysseus even had to leave his kingdom and home in the first place was because there was a war beginning, and he had been called upon to help. Due to the fact that he was willing to drop everything to aid other Greek kingdoms in the war shows exactly how loyal Odysseus is to other people of…

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