The Odyssey By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is mainly about a gods that don 't want Odysseus to be released because he is held captured. On the other hand his son Telemachus is trying to look for him. So this goddess goes down to the real world disguised as a man to encourage Telemachus to find his father. Telemachus saw a new bystander, He greets her and invite her into the place to eat and talk to him. The word around the streets is that his dad Odysseus is home. Telemachus is shocked because he hasn 't seen his father and he knows that he has been captured. After talking to the goddess he is now on the look for his father. Now he is telling people that he is about to go on a adventure to find his father and ask people. They was looking at him like he was crazy because no one wanted to join him. One of them wanted to join so then they went on. From there he went on adventure.

Then they approached Pylos. It was a group of people that was crowded around a table. They were talking and eating. Then Telemachus and this old man joined them in eating. Telemachus start telling this man about himself and talk about his father. The man is surprised of the things that he tells him. So the man turned into a bird and flew away, Then Telemachus and the old man went on with their adventure. The next stop was sparta where these king and queen talk to him. While they were walking in they both recognized him from his looks and manners. He tells him what he knows about his fate. While Telemachus is…

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