The Odyssey And The Iliad Essay

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In the world of Homer, the successful role of the family is crucial in how father and son relationships develop. In The Odyssey and The Iliad, the bond between father and son is important for the development of the family role in honor and pride, along with the expectation of loyalty from the son to the father and vice versa. In The Iliad, Hector is loyal to his father, Priam, when Hector himself heads back to the war without a second thought. Meanwhile, in The Odyssey, Orestes is loyal to his father, Agamemnon, when Orestes himself avenges his father’s killer. Meanwhile, Laertes is loyal to Odysseus because he is honored to see Odysseus back from war, and lastly Telemachos is prideful to stand in his father’s throne and continue the legacy of his family name when Odysseus dies. These relationships prove that loyalty between father and son is the most important feature of the family role.
Hector is the most respectable, honorable, and loyal warrior from the Trojans during the Trojan war and he is also the most respected son of Priam. His traits as a warrior and a son do not only demonstrate his honor and ability, but also loyalty to his family. Hector tells his wife, “’I’ve learned it all too well. To stand up bravely, always to fight in the front ranks of Trojan soldiers, winning my father great glory, glory for myself” (Homer. Il. 6. 526-29). This revelation demonstrates that for him the family role in honor is the most important trait to show loyalty to his father. Plus,…

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