Essay on The Occupational Therapy Program For People

830 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
There is no doubt that most people have a difficult time choosing a major in their lifetime. It is important to choose a right major because when someone doesn’t like his/her job after graduating, the individual could have poor performance and ultimately become unemployed. All the years the individual had been in school were wasted, so it is important to choose an interesting major that they are passionate about. Therefore, for our advocacy project; Elisha Hu, Sophia Chan and myself decided to focus on advocating the occupational therapy program to people and inform them there is a great major out there that they too might be interested in someday. The purpose of this advocacy project is to advocate for the occupational therapy to people if they are interested in a career in the healthcare industry. There is no surprise that many people don’t know what OT is about, even though the awareness is increasing to a lot of people. Many people would say “isn’t that like PT?” Some people think that occupational therapy is helping them to find a job based on the name of “occupation”. I’m sure many people who are applying to OT school are often in the difficult situation of deciding which program they will attend before they have a 100% clear understanding of what OT really is. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to spread the information about the occupational therapy. Once I realized I would be doing this project, I started asking OT students and…

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