Essay on The Occupation Of Culinary Arts

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Occupation of Culinary Arts In the U.S. many people go to restaurants to eat out each year that the total annual sales of food and drinks at restaurants are estimated to be six billion dollars. For many young and aspiring chefs their first interest in cooking and preparing food starts right in their home kitchen. Today’s upcoming chefs might be inspired by celebrity chefs they see on television. The chef’s profession is getting more media attention than ever before. Aspiring chefs must have a passion for and sincerely love food preparation and cooking (Meyers 5-9). A chef is a leader in a kitchen that has knowledge of food and management.
There are many types of chefs in this occupation. The different types of chefs are: head chef/ executive chefs, sous chefs, pastry chefs, and personal chefs. An executive chef is less hands-on than the cooks and focuses on the business of the restaurant. Below that is the Sous Chef, who plans entrees and chops, mixes, and cooks the food. Then it is a Pastry Chef who handles desserts and breads (Flynn 120). There is also a personal chef works for a client instead of a traditional restaurant. A personal chef sometimes cooks for one person or a family, but usually they have multiple clients they cook for (Hinton 49-50).
The executive chef or head chef is the end of the line as far as responsibility goes, the head chef needs to be in control and aware of everything that goes in and out of his or her kitchen. The executive chefs are in…

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