The Objectives Of The Criminal Legal System Essay

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The objectives of the criminal legal system are sometimes unclear. Truth or verifiable accuracy is one aim and justice, a balancing of interests, is another. So it is that the Supreme Court has enlivened this debate through the prism of American-style plea bargaining. Plea bargaining or plea negotiating is the practice by which the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the defendant, and the judge, agrees upon a specific sentence to be imposed if the accused pleads guilty to an agreed-upon charge or charges instead of going to jail.
Justice in the United States is granted mostly through plea bargaining. In fact, criminal trials are actually relatively rare events; and plea bargaining has become the routine. About 95% of all convictions in felony cases are the result of guilty pleas. (Bohm & Haley, 2014)
There are three basic types of plea bargains. First, pleading guilty to a lesser offense. Second, pleading guilty in order to receive a lighter sentence than would typically be given for the crime. Third, pleading guilty to one charge in return for the prosecutor’s promise to drop other charges that could be brought. (Bohm & Haley, 2014) A guilty plea generally results in either no prison sentence or a lesser prison sentence.
Although many state legislatures give crime victims the right to consult with prosecutors concerning plea bargains, few include enforcement provisions in the laws to ensure compliance. A few states have attempted to hold prosecutors accountable for…

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