The Objective Of The Group Project Essay

1422 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
The objective of the group project was to explain our perspective about the purpose of Black Studies. We had to use the Africana Studies’ Epistemic Identity article by McDougal, and pick 3 out of the 12 common characteristics that he analyzed, after looking over 38 theories that tied into Africana Studies. With 3 common characteristics selected, we then came up with 3 concepts that related to the Intro to African American Studies course, and the overall idea of what such a course and department was about. Furthermore, we came up with an overarching theme/objective for our project/presentation. What I have learned from doing such a project, is that I now understand why there are so many theories relating to the discipline. Also that even though all students within my group had different schedules, we still managed to get the presentation done, and that maybe if the project instructions were given out earlier than week 14, (possibly during week 10 or 11 of the semester) I would have felt less rushed. Not insinuating that we put minimum effort into the assignment, but it felt rushed (stressful to do) over the time period we were given. In all the project assignment perfectly tied together what we have been doing/learning all semester.
Regarding presentations from other groups, the group that focused of Black womanhood stood out to me. They were the only group to recite a poem and handed out cards with a nice note on them, which was kind and very exciting. I enjoyed the poem and…

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