The Objective Of A Lesson Essay

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Educators often spend hours planning for a lesson putting an emphasis on what materials and strategies to use. They will identify essential vocabulary words, assessments, and groupings for students. However, one of the most important things they need to plan for is often overlooked. Planning the objective of a lesson is an essential component in a successful lesson. In education, it is important to describe the objective from the perspective of what a student will do. This is called a behavioral objective. “A behavioral objective, which is student-oriented, places the emphasis upon what the student is expected to do, not upon what the teacher will do” (, ¶ 1). There are many terms educators use in place of behavioral objectives including learning objectives, educational objectives, and instructional objectives (, 2015). Regardless of the term used, the important factor is that the objective is student centered, not teacher centered and has certain components included. According to Ormrod (2012), the ideal behavioral objective has three components: an observable and measurable outcome, conditions to be exhibited, and a criterion of performance. Each component will be identified within a written behavioral objective and described herein.
Objectives have been written in many ways. With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the emphasis on high stakes testing, many teachers and districts have opted to use the standard as the objective.…

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