The Objectification Theory Of The Music Videos Essay

1594 Words Dec 20th, 2016 7 Pages
This study used the objectification theory as a framework to guide measurement and; predict that the music videos insidious practice of objectifying female artist socializes individuals to take an outsiders perspective on the physical self thus not living in the real world but in the world they see through the screens; also known as the media effect, cultivation theory. According to the theory, people who watch television frequently are more likely to be influenced by the messages from the world of television. The influence goes to such an extent that their world view and perceptions start reflecting what they repeatedly see and hear on television. Music videos are included in that world of television and has a cultivating persona of female artist’s which this article focuses on.
Music videos has always opened many avenues for artist. They allowed artist exposure, a chance to convey beliefs or thoughts and more importantly a chance to promote themselves. Researchers did an examination on instances of gender roles and stereotyping, particularly in terms of female artists who are often underrepresented and sexually objectified in music videos. The research question focused on the frequency that the artists in the music videos included close-ups of unclothed body parts, comparing between race and genre. The research suggested that three different genres hip hop, country, and pop hold different norms and expectations about women’s sexuality that is ultimately cultivating women…

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