Essay about The Obesity Rate Of Obesity

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Globally, there is ascending prevalence of overweight and obesity amongst university students in both developing and developed countries. The rate of obesity increased more rapidly in developing countries over the past decade in response to them becoming more urbanized, accepting a sedentary lifestyle, and consuming foods that contain high calories. There are similar factors amongst universities in different countries that have been recognized as contributors to the overweight and obesity rate. Those factors are: cultural beliefs, dietary behavior (over consumptions of high caloric foods, red meats, and skipping breakfast) health risk behavior (not being physically active, high consumption of alcoholic beverages, and smoking), and poor mental health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States is ranked 12th out of the 29 most obese countries in the world, with Mississippi consecutively ranked in the top 3 percentile as the most obese state. College students in the state of Mississippi are major contributors to that elevated obesity rate because they have been known for their poor nutrition habits and behaviors concerning food selection. Many of those students are transitioning from living with their parents, to now living on their own and are forced to adopt their own eating habits. Studies have shown that highly stressed students tend to consume more foods than they normally would. Nutrition education and health promotion helps…

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