The Obesity Problem Of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

757 Words Jun 12th, 2016 4 Pages
America has one of the worst obesity problems in the world, leading in child obesity. One of the most common believes is that fast food restaurant have to be blame for this problem, but it should not. First let state that fast-food restaurants have a healthy menu options for those who are willing to stay health. The only one that should be blame on one’s healthy is yourself, no one is forcing anyone to eat a certain type of food. The main point is to have self-control and to order healthier options or to count the calories the food has to eat only what we should. Finally, everyone need to learn about their healthy life style and option, therefore Americans will not have obesity problems. As America stared to gain some weight in the past years the concern to get a healthier life has increase. Therefore, fast-food restaurants start to serve certain heath menu options to serve those who are on diets or taking care of their health. Most of the fast-food restaurants are now serving salads, fruits, chicken and a variety options. According to Food Inc. the companies have a great power to change the attitude of the costumers due to publicity, with these the fast-food companies hope to reduce the obesity problem. Beside these, there are some restaurants that are only healthy such as: Subway, Scratch, Super Salad for naming some of them. Today there have been more health restaurant because according to Mantel only near to a quarter of Americans eat vegetable regularly (800). If…

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