The Obesity Of The United States Essay

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Fat greasy oversized pigs that only stuff twice the size of their weight into their bodies. The entire world has come to the idea that Americans are all fat and unhealthy. The majority of this is true due to the junk and poison that we eat in our favorite foods. America probably has the worst eating habits and health issues in the world due to bad dieting and laziness. If this country soon doesn 't watch and learn a healthier way to eat who knows what could happen. Dieting and exercise are important for every single person on the planet. It can help prevent illnesses, reduce depression/stress, and influence others to become healthier.

Main causes of death in the U.S. are due to heart disease, both for men and women. There are many more health problems than just a heart disease. One can obtain cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and many more due to bad dieting. The majority of these are caused by poor choices in eating junk food, fast food places, and the stuff these industries are putting in their products. The false labeling and cheap shortcuts they put to flavor the food is harmful to a person 's body. Food industries in America use many of these tactics to save money and make a quick buck. It 's dangerous of not being aware what 's going down the throat being, and digested in the stomach. In addition, animals also face cruel, poor health problems by being tantalized. Whether its injecting steroids, caging them in small places, or just not treating them as living…

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