The Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity Essay

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Two thirds of adults in America are overweight (Campbell & Campbell, 2006, p. 135). This is indicative of the current obesity epidemic. In an “intervention study, overweight subjects were told to eat as much as they wanted of foods that were mostly low-fat, whole food, and plant-based. In three weeks these people lost an average of seventeen pounds.” (Campbell & Campbell, 2006, p. 139). While this figure may sound comparable to other diet programs on the market, a plant-based diet differs greatly from traditional weight loss plans. Plant-based diets are built for long term sustainability, both environmentally and in terms of a lifestyle choice (Mekonnen & Hoekstra, 2012, p. 413).
In conjunction with obesity levels being on the rise, diabetes is also a major current issue. Eight percent of American adults have diabetes (Campbell & Campbell, 2006, p. 139). In a study done at the Pritkin Center, doctors achieved “spectacular results by prescribing a low-fat, plant-based diet and exercise to a group of diabetic patients. Of forty patients on medication at the start of the program, thirty-four were able to discontinue all medication after twenty-six days.” (Campbell & Campbell, 2006, p. 152). Therefore, a plant-based diet is not only a solution to the environmental degradation of the earth but also to many health-related illnesses.
To address the environmental issues covered in Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, social policies must be developed and enacted.…

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