The Obesity Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Policy Goal:
The problem that will be addressed by my proposed policy is that of childhood obesity. The current prevalence obesity in adolescents residing in the United States is approximately 17%, a staggeringly high percentage (Karnik and Kanekar, 2015). With such high amounts of childhood obesity, contributing to adult obesity, it is clear that a solution must be presented to address the current obesity epidemic. As a measure for policy success in regards to the goal, one may have observed rates of obesity measured through the Body Mass Index (BMI) results. The proposed policy in this paper also can observe diet and nutrition patterns through the card provided by the program (see proposed behavioral intervention for info).

Previous Policy solutions:
In the United States, there have been attempts to decrease obesity- many specifically aimed at children. From Executive programs like “Let’s Move!” sponsored by Michelle Obama, to taxes on sugary drinks- there have been plenty of efforts in the fight against childhood obesity, but few have succeeded. Other policies have attempted to better youths’ diet and nutritional choices through the school lunch program, an example being the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010”. This Act provided free breakfast and lunch for students, so long as the meals are deemed healthy by the federal government. This failed as well. Students began to bring their own unhealthy snacks, or skipped lunch until after school in an effort to avoid the…

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