The Nutritional Assessment And Patient Interview Essay

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Mrs Jones’s Doctor is concerned that Mrs Jones is not eating properly and is losing too much weight. The nurse would firstly need to conduct a nutritional assessment to obtain information such as measurement of muscle mass, body fat, height, weight and body mass index (Culross, 2008). The nurse may also refer Mrs Jones for laboratory testing for micronutrient deficiencies (Culross, 2008). The nurse should obtain subjective data from Mrs Jones to identify her food habits, meal patterns and beliefs, if she uses any supplements and if any of her medical problems or other factors influence her nutrition (Culross, 2008; Nestlé Nutrition Institute, n.d.). The nutritional assessment and patient interview are essential in determining nutritional status and identifying underlying causes of weight loss and altered nutrition (Berman et al., 2014; Culross, 2008). Mrs Jones’s weight loss and altered nutritional levels could be due to depression, stress and bereavement; isolation and loneliness; adverse effects from medications; inflammatory and mobility associated problems as well as reduced appetite and taste (Evans, 2005; Vafaei, Mokhtari, Sadooghi, Meamar, Chitsaz & Moeini, 2013; Hickson, 2006; Ahmed & Haboubi, 2010).
To improve Mrs Jones’s appetite and food intake, the nurse could refer Mrs Jones to a dietician to assist with creating specialised meal plans that focus on nutritional needs for instance, Mrs Jones would need a high protein, high fibre diet to improve nutrition, muscle…

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