Essay on The Nutrition Analysis Project Part 1

1136 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
Every individual needs some vitamins, minerals and water in the body. These minerals and vitamins are essential for the body. Based on the nutrition analysis project part 1, I realized I was lacking in some essential and nonessential minerals and vitamins which I need to work on how to improve the intake or how to minimize the amount I take. I used three days in collecting my diet analysis though I could have added another day. The three days I used in collecting, the data was not consecutive since I do not exercise every day. I collected two during the week and one during the weekend. I chose two days during the week because I realized I have more time to my self during the weekend than during the day. I wanted to know how that could affect my health since I have classes in the mornings during the week and have an afternoon class during the weekend and I do not go to the gym during the weekday since I feel tired after I come back from school. I chose one weekend because I eat many things during the weekend and drink a lot of juice and little water as well since after the gym all I would crave for is some ice cream or juice and no water. After the first project, I realized my total calorie was 1471. I also realized I took more carbohydrate which is; Carbohydrates (g) actual is 202.41, recommended is 340.88, Dietary Fiber (g) actual is 13.70, recommended is 34.71, Water (g) actual is 1,134.64, recommended is 2,700.00, Vitamin A - RAE (mcg) actual is 153.92, recommended is…

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