Essay on The Nurture Side Of The Dichotomy Nature Versus Nurture

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Violent behavior has always been a part of society. There is a multitude of theories that explain possible causes behind this behavior. Although many exist, It all boils down to the nurture side of the dichotomy nature versus nurture. This faction supports that the way someone grows up, or their external environment alters how they develop and therefore, plays a key role in how they behave. Many of these external environment factors occur within the home someone is raised, ranging from physical and mental abuse to financial instability of a family. Although these might not be the only causes of such behavior, it is ultimately a person’s external environment in the home that increases the rate at which a person partakes in violent behavior. Abuse within the home whether it 's emotional, physical, substance abuse or even witnessing abuse is highly correlated to leading to violent behavior. In one study conducted in 2007 by Dorothy Otnow Lewis, a psychiatrist and an internationally recognized expert on violence, who has spent the last quarter century studying the minds of killers, examined the family characteristics of nine male subjects. These subjects were clinically evaluated as adolescents due to violent behavior and later in life were arrested for murder. They were then compared with 24 incarcerated people who did not commit violent offenses. The nine male murderers all displayed signs of early violence. For example, “one burned his bed when he was 4 years old,…

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