The Nursing Theory: The Concept Analysis Of Comfort Theory

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The nursing theory which correlates with my PICOT statement is the comfort theory. The comfort theory was developed by Katharine Kolcaba using concept analysis of comfort which examined literature from numerous disciplines, such as nursing, medicine, psychiatry, ergonomics, psychology, and English (Nursing Theory, 2016). After introducing different forms of comforts and holistic human experiences a taxonomic structure was formed to help guide the assessment of patient comfort. According to Katharine, comfort exists in the forms of relief, ease, and transcendence (Nursing Theory, 2016). It is important for the patient to have a sense of relief in the situation they are in. It is also imperative they feel at ease because it can help the healing …show more content…
The four concepts which need to be included in the patient’s care are physical, psychospiritual, environmental, and sociocultural (Nursing Theory, 2016). Making sure the patient is comfortable can help with their optimal health in the long run. Katharine also describes the nurse needs to develop a nursing care plan based on assessing the patient’s comfort needs (Nursing Theory, 2016). When taking care of the patient it is not just about the medication they are receiving as a nurse we need to make sure they are comfortable and understand the condition they are in and also accepting of their overall …show more content…
But, with the comfort theory the nurse is going to assess more than just their vital signs and lab values, but them as a whole. The foundations of the theory are to look at the patient as a whole person and make sure the environment is right for them, they have a good mentality about everything, and they have a good support system. Based on those ideas spirituality would be perfect with this theory, because spirituality is rooted in the patient and it can change how they feel about

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