The Nursing Profession Is The Largest Segment Of The Nation 's Health Care Workforce

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“The nursing profession is the largest segment in the nation`s health care workforce”. (IOM, 2010).So as stated, nursing has a lot of impact in the advancement of the health care system. According to IOM report, they are many areas in nursing that needs to be tackled but the most crucial ones are nursing education, nursing practice and nurse leadership. The IOM report put an emphasis on nursing education. Education is an important segment in the nursing profession. The more educated nurses the better patient outcome. According to the report, “Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the AARP in collaboration with groups of nurses and other health care professionals, patients, and employers in 50 states and the district of Columbia have been campaigning in the recommendation of 80 percent of the nursing workforce to have BSN degree by 2020”, (IOM,2010).I am seeing this happening now because most employers have taken the IOM report seriously and they are mostly hiring BSN holders than associate degree or diploma holders unless the nurses shows that they are enrolled in the BSN program. Most hospitals are encouraging nurses with associate degree or diplomas to go back to school by offering full or partial tuition reimbursements. It is getting tougher now but this the best for our profession, to improve and give quality, exemplary care to the public. Many researchers have found that nurses with BSN have better and stronger clinical skills in identifying…

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