The Nursing Mission And Philosophy Essay

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In this assignment I will clearly state the mission, vision, values and stated goals of my organization Ohio Health. Examples will be provided to demonstrate my understanding of these items. In addition, the nursing mission and philosophy will be described. I will discuss my own role in meeting the mission and stated goals of my work unit. A connection between the nursing department, nursing unit, and Ohio Health’s mission and philosophy will be made. The structure of the nursing department in Ohio Health including whether it is a centralized or decentralized model will be explored. Lastly, two pros and two cons of Ohio Health’s nursing model will be listed.

Mission, Vision and Values, Stated Goals: Organization
Our company mission is to improve the health of those we serve. The vision is to be the place where people want to work, where physicians want to practice, and most importantly, where patients want to go when they need healthcare services. Values are integrity, compassion, excellence, and stewardship. We have a cardinal value which states that we will honor the dignity and worth of each person. Goals of the organization include delivering quality, convenience, provide timely healthcare to all members of the community, regardless of the ability to pay ().
Ohio Health lives up to its mission, vision, values, and continually striving to meet the set goals. These are the examples to support my belief. The mission is met by the quality of healthcare that is provided.…

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