Essay on The Nursing Field For Nurses

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Cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills are all important when giving care to patients. When ethnic, gender, and generational diversity in the workforce is missing, there can be great health disparities. There is an importance in having a diverse workforce in the nursing field for nurses to provide quality care to people from different cultures and ethnic groups (Michigan Nurse, 2015, p.7-8).

With diversity, there are barriers. One aspect of workforce diversity is gender in the nursing workforce. Nursing is still seen as a “woman’s job”, for the most part even in 2016. According to researchers, who completed the study in the research paper “Male or Nurse what comes first? Challenges men face on their journey to nurse registration”, there are still many stereotypes male nurses face (Juliff, Russell, & Bulsara, 2016, p. 50).

Refusal of care by patients is one barrier male caregivers face. Some patients prefer female care givers and this can create barriers because males can miss out on learning experiences when patients do not want care from males. This also creates a problem because female caregivers can be overwhelmed with these types of patients. After collaborating and hearing my fellow male nurse colleagues discuss the topic, they have experienced gender-related stereotypes. One of my nursing friends had a horrible labor and delivery. He was not allowed to participate in any live births during clinical because the mothers disagreed to having a male student nurse in…

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