4 Concepts In Nursing

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What is the definition of the concept? Health is considered a fundamental concept in the nursing practice. With the Healthcare discipline, the use concepts are unclear thereby depicting different images depending on the context. It is imperative that the term “concept” has a unified definition. It is extremely imported as nurses to study concept development and clarification to be able to enhance the Nursing Practice. The concept does not have an agreed definition. (McEwen & Wills, 2014). According to Merriam-Webster dictionary concept is defined as “something conceived in the mind or an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances”. The concept is an abstract used to describe some phenomena that occur naturally. It also …show more content…
These are used to explain theories in various disciplines. You have both psychological and biological disciplines. The Psychological discipline talks about personality, intelligence, and cognition while biological discipline involves cells species a protoplasm. (Dubin, 1978). There are four concepts in nursing theory influencing nursing practice. These concepts include patient, Environment, Health and Nursing goals, roles, and functions. With the most important one being the person. However, to improve practice in healthcare, conceptual clarity is highly recommended. This clarity refers to the rigorous process called concept development. As Healthcare professional it is important to develop scientific research from high key concepts relating to the field of interest. Concept analysis is about studying the meaning of the Concept with the purpose of resolving gaps and providing a better understanding. The Concepts range from concrete to abstract on a continuum. Concepts can be variable or a nonvariable The concept of caring would be considered a variable concept. (McEwen & Wills, …show more content…
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