The Nursing Code Of Ethics Essay

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The Nursing Code of Ethics and When “Doing Good” May Cause Harm “An ethical dilemma is a situation in which an individual is compelled to choose between two actions that will affect the welfare of a sentient being, and both actions are reasonably justified as being good, neither action is readily justified as being good.” (Butss & Rick, 2012) Nurses can face ethical dilemmas everyday within their practice. Canadian Nurses Association [CAN](2008) states when nurses are in the situation of an ethical dilemma it is important that they utilize their code of ethics to guide them in their decision making process. In this case study a nurse was sick and choose to continue to work even though she was not well because the ward needed the nurses to stay and take care of post-operative patients. In this paper the writer will explore the ethical principles and nursing ethics that can apply to the situation and how they reflect the action of the nurses in the situation.
Sanctity of Life “People do not only have to do good but they also have to be good, that is, they have to work and live out of personal and corporate values that are integral to how to deal with each other” (Tschudin, 2013). The nurse in this situation is trying to be good by staying at work to take of the patient, but she is also not doing good because they are endangering the life of the patient. Sanctity of life is a key component of the case study as it is more important to preserve the life of the at risk patients…

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