Essay about The Nurses Use Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is a tool used every day by nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is vital to the successful care of patients in all healthcare units, and it was evident in the Complex Continuing Care Unit. The nurses use critical thinking on a daily basis to ensure the care of their patients is done correctly and to limit the number of incidents that could occur. Critical thinking is needed in every aspect of patient care, to ensure the safety of the patient and the healthcare professionals. This was seen on the Complex Continuing Care Unit, throughout all of the shifts I was there. This was seen when my nurse was explain to me the care plan for some of her patients. As she was going through them, she seemed to get lost in thought when explaining to me the care plan of one of the patients that had been there for a while. My nurse told me that she did not understand why this patients care plan had been changed drastically from what it had previously been, as the patient had been improving and the medication had been improving their symptoms of dementia drastically. She then took the time to study the patients chart to see if there was a reason for these changes and then looked up the potential reasoning behind the changed care plan. After doing all of this, she felt that there was no credible reasoning behind the care plan changes and decided to call the physician who had made the changes. It turned out that there had been a mix up and this patients care plan had…

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