Essay on The Nurse With Kelly Sat Down

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At that moment the nurse called Kelly back to an exam room and began taking her history as soon as Kelly sat down. The nurse asked very detailed questions, including the nature of her accident, how long she had been on the pain medication, and how much she took each day. It felt like an interrogation. She began to justify the continued use of her meds by describing the intense pain she experienced. The nurse took copious notes and simply nodded at Kelly’s responses. She then left her alone until returning to assist Dr. Roberts.
“Hello, Kelly. I’m Dr. Roberts,” he said as he extended his hand to her.
“I’m Kelly,” she replied then was suddenly embarrassed that of course he already knew her name. Why am I so nervous, she thought. And yet, if she were honest with herself, she knew the answer to that question. She wanted more medicine. She needed more medicine. And she was worried he would not agree to write a prescription for her.
He read through her history report and then examined her leg and pelvis, all the while asking questions about her accident, her hospital stay, her rehabilitation progress, and the frequency of her use of pain medication.
After the examination, he left the room and then returned to consult with her. He sat on the stool, while she sat upright on the examination table. His eyes spoke volumes as he looked seriously and intently at her.
“Kelly, I have examined your leg and pelvis and I do understand why you are still in pain. Unfortunately,…

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