The Nurse Calls Of The Seattle Pediatric Hospital With Her Son

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(2)As the wind howled across the darkness and the rain crashed against her face, Fran approached the Seattle Pediatric Hospital with her son, Johnny.(3)Staggering into their seats, they are greeted with the stares of curious onlookers gesturing them a good morning.(4)The nurse, who did not look very happy to be at her job, quickly gives Fran a sheet to fill out and offers little Johnny a lollypop to calm him. (1) Fran, looking to her little boy for comfort, nervously fills out the paper, unable to make eye contact with her. “Are you ready for this?” she says, knowing she will not get a response. (2)Though he has not spoken in several months, he seems to be degressing in his development instead of progressing like other children his age, He is not heavily endowed with the knowledge his mother understands about his condition, but he feels that this news will change his life. ¨ Johnny Snow¨, the nurse calls out, ¨ Dr. Yang is ready for you.” *3*(1)They anxiously walk back to the exam room, sit, and wait for the doctor to arrive.*4*(1) Dr. Yang walks through the door with a big smiley face sticker on her jacket and a pink stethoscope around her neck.
“Hi! I’m Dr. Yang!” she says shaking Frans hand and looking at Johnny, who avoids eye contact with her.
“Nice to meet you I’m Fran and this is my son, Johnny. Can you say hello to the nice doctor Johnny?” Fran replies, looking at Johnny who still sits there, saying nothing.
“Nice to meet you too Johnny!” says Dr. Yang “ Well, I…

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