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The year is 1453, Luca Vero is a 17 year old man, who joined the church at the age of 4. At 17 he was accused of heresy for questioning the way things were. He is then brought to a special church to be told that he would be the next inquirer. He was to search in the pursuit of knowledge, but was also assigned to look for mythical things, and find myths come to life. Isolde, a 17 year old girl, was a princess, her father had always treated her in the ways of a man, as an equal. When her father died he left a spoken will, and said that she would marry a man of her brother’s choice, or become the head of a nunnery. The man her brother picked for her was disgusting. Therefore, she became the Lady Abbess at the nunnery on her brother’s land. Luca, his servant, and priest would later come to the nunnery to
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This book relates to our history, world, and lives, because it is historical fiction. In the book the similarities to real life are true, as it takes place in 1453. The book is similar to our world because it takes place in our world. The characters are also very relatable to people we know in our everyday lives. One thing that mirrors our everyday life is the power in the church. In our society today, most people’s daily thoughts and actions are done in the thinking of the afterlife, much the same as the 1400’s. The characters are similar but very different than our modern day teenagers. Teenagers in the 1400’s were expected to be married and creating a life for themselves. Today’s teenagers are expected to be in school and planning for the future. The connection between the teenagers in the story and today’s teenagers is the romance aspect. In the story, there is a blooming romance between Luca and Isolde. The position I took on the content of the book was that it was similar to the world we live in. There were parallels that occurred in the story that have been happening in our daily lives for

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